BTS win #1 + Performances from March 5th ‘Music Bank’!

Music Bank’ is back for its weekly show featuring performances by your favorite artists.

On this week’s episode, ATEEZ came back with “Fireworks”, VERIVERY made a comeback with “Get Away”, Rain returned with “Why Don’t We” featuring Kim Chung Ha, and G-reyish made their comeback with “Blood Night”.

As for the winners, IU and BTS were the nominees, but it was BTS’s “Dynamite” that took the win. Congratulations to BTS!

Performers also included Oh Yoo Jin, Shin Seung Tae, SHINee, ONF, Sunmi, Wonho, MCND, J.Don, WEi, PIXY, TRI.BE, Kingdom, Golden Child, and CIX.

Check out the performances below!


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